Coach OB Goes International!!!!

With the advances of Training Peaks and Garmin computers, I now work with athletes world wide!
Here are a few of my international riders.  They are from Israel, Canada, Germany, Honduras and Indonesia.

On Line Cycling Coach, Coach OB, Training with power, Increase Lactate Threshold On Line Cycling Coach, Coach OB, Training with power, Increase Lactate Threshold On Line Cycling Coach, Coach OB, Training with power, Increase Lactate Threshold On Line Cycling Coach, Coach OB, Training with power, Increase Lactate Threshold On Line Cycling Coach, Coach OB, Training with power, Increase Lactate Threshold

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Your Indoor Trainer: To Use But Not Abuse

I wrote this Blog post for Training Peaks.

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Your Indoor Trainer: To use but not abuse


As we prepare for the 2015 season, the majority of us are affected by the weather or by the Daylight Savings time change.  Either way the indoor trainer becomes necessary evil.  While riding indoors can be mentally taxing, there are benefits to be gained by logging time in the hurt locker.  As long as you are able to get outside once or twice every two to three weeks for a long ride, the trainer should be used for quality over quantity.  The trainer is a crucial part of a winter program.  Since I began racing in 1986, never once have I ridden more than 2 hours indoors.



Indoor Time vs. Outdoor Time


In comparing indoor vs. outdoor time, there are three important factors to examine.  First, doing a 60 minute indoor ride would roughly equal 90 to 100 minutes of riding outside.  Why? The work is steady for the entire indoor ride.  You are constantly applying pressure to the pedals; there is no coasting, etc.  Given this, you are doing, on average, 50% more work when riding indoors.   Second, you need to consider your static position while riding on an indoor bike.  Even if you have rollers with a “motion” device or a trainer that allows the bike to rock, your position changes very little.  Riding outside requires adjustment o ever changing terrain. Your body position both in and out of the saddle changes in many ways allowing you to work different muscles.  On your indoor bike, you are constantly working the same muscles for an extended period of time.  This especially applies when doing structured efforts.  The lack of variance in your position can cause certain muscle groups to be over-worked and others to be under-worked.  One caveat is that riding an indoor bike, especially rollers, can be an excellent way to smooth out your pedal stroke and to help find any dead spots in the stroke.  Finally, you have to consider the mental factor of riding indoors.  Even the most mentally strong individuals, will eventually reach a breaking point when riding inside.  Since the trainer is such a valuable tool, great care should be taken to use but not abuse your indoor time.

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Gene gets 3rd in NYC Duathlon

Training with power, cycling coach, increase LT

Gene Colon – 3rd at NYC CP Duathlon








I’ve only been working with Gene for about 2 months so I can’t take too much credit for him getting 3rd at Sunday’s NYC Central Park Duathon in the fat tire division.  But I can take credit for giving him the structure to prepare for the event and to maximize his current fitness.  Good work bro!  PROUD of YOU!!!!!

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Patrick WINS Cap City CX!

Ohio Cycling Coach, training with power, increase LT

Cap City – 1st Place!








Patrick Lach took first place at Cap City CX on Saturday.
The best is yet to come from him!!!!

Nice work bro!!!!

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Coming back

Coming back

I got back into cycling at 45 after taking a couple decades off for kids, career and a host of other excuses. After training hard for a year I had seriously plateaued and needed to learn how to train smart. In the Fall of 2013, at 46, I started training with Coach OB and by Spring I was not only out-riding guys who had dominated me just months before, but I was racing and placing well against guys in their teens and twenties. OB’s training has taken me from cat 5 to cat 3 in four months and next year I’m looking to grab some podiums, help my team and shoot for cat 2…all at the youthful age of 48. Thanks OB!

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The switch flicked!


Don – 3rd at Eagle Township Cat 4/5









One of the things I love about my job as a coach is when one of my riders does well!  I have been working with Don McKenzie for almost 2 years now.  Don has always trained hard and done exactly what I ask of him.  He has done well in past races.  As a matter of fact, at the recent Lionhearts GP in Mason, OH, Don did FOUR races in one day!  And finished consistently in each one! I have done 3 in one day and barley finished the 3rd race!
So a few days after Lionhearts, Don approached me and said, “I finally feel like a bike racer!”  That bike racing switch in his head has finally been flicked!  Not sure what did it, I think it just happened.  Sure, you can dabble in races, show up, pin your number on, do okay and be happy with it.  But when your mentality changes and you approach the race with a new perspective, the perspective of “I’m here to RACE and not be pack-fill”, it takes you to a higher level.  A level where Don used to be, but isn’t any more.
Good job Don, PROUD of you!

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Bo goes TWO for TWO!

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Bo Sherman – OH State RR Champ, 35-39








On Saturday, July 19th, Bo Sherman claimed his second Ohio Masters Champion jersey!  This time in the road race.
Bo won the race overall while taking  the jersey for the 35-39 age group.  Bo and his teammate Brett Bravort attacked the 2nd time up the hill of 4 and stayed off for the rest of the race.  Their teammate Renato Sosa took teh sprint for 3rd.
Congrats Bo, you DESERVE IT!!!!!

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Mr. Good nails it for Ohio State Road Race Championships

Cycling Coach; Training with power; Cycling coach Ohio

Ryan Good – Ohio Senior RR Champ!








Ryan Good claimed Saturday’s Ohio Senior Road Race Championships winners jersey!
With the help of his teammates, Ryan was put in the winning move on the 2nd of 6 laps.
The three leaders never saw the field again.  In the final, Ryan convincingly took the sprint for 1st place.
Behind him Zak Lewis, Ryan’s teammate, and Coach OB rider, set up the sprint for Ryan Gamm to take 4th.

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