Dream Realized

This was posted on Facebook by one of my clients:

Well the Hyde Park Blast is behind me finally and even though I didn’t accomplish what I wanted, I did have fun. The reality of a very full career and aging has me admitting that I’ll never be a pro racer (not that I ever thought I would!). I really appreciate the coaching and encouragement of Coach OB. He is a great coach and friend. If you are looking to improve your cycling I highly recommend him. Thanks to Ann M for her constant encouragement and friendship. And of course, Jeff. I’m looking forward to returning to bike riding versus bike training. Time to get back to gears and beers!! Long live G4B. Next adventure is Peru! Watch out Peruvians, Ann Mooney, Melissa  and myself are headed your way!!!

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The Basics of Group Ride Etiquette

The Basics of Group Ride Etiquette

By Coach OB

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Group rides are not only social, but a great way train and compare yourself to others. No matter what type of group ride you seek, participation in these rides improves your skill and opens new doors for training. I have been doing group rides since December of 1985. To this day, the group ride plays an important role in my program.


It goes without saying that we all try to practice safe riding. Group rides can have the tendency for riders to get caught up in the moment causing lapses in concentration. Getting carried away not only puts you at risk, but also your fellow riders.

Just because you are in a large mass of riders does not mean you can you can disobey traffic laws. No matter if the group ride is slow or fast, the rules of the road still apply. Be familiar with state or local bicycle traffic laws so you know the rules when it comes to riding on the road with a group. You are not only responsible for yourself, you now have to take into consideration the safety of others.

Know What to Expect

Before heading out the door and joining a specific group, ask other riders or do some research so you know the intended pace of the ride. Showing up to a Monday evening ride with recovery on your schedule only to have the ride be a hammer session puts you in a difficult spot. Do you give up your pre-programmed training and go with the group or do you let them go on and ride by yourself? This is an important question to ask if you are following a training plan.

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Dream Realized

For many years, ever since I starting cycling and racing, I’ve watched the Hyde Park Blast Pro 1/2 race and been in love. I’ve raced pretty much every category over the years- cat 5, cat 4, cat 3, Masters, etc. I’ve always watched the Pro 1/2 later the night after I raced and thought ‘some day…some day I’m going to man up and do that race and survive and finish it!’ Last year, I tried and failed…

Well, last night was “Some Day”…

With Coach OB’s help and guideance this year, last night was one of the finest and most proud moments of my cycling career. I’ve won a bunch of races, raced at nationals, etc. But finishing the Blast is something I’ve always wanted to do, partly because it is so hard. It is the pinnacle of bike racing within 100 miles of Cincinnati. I finished last night, 28th, just out of the money.

But finish I did, dream realized, would not have every made it without Coach OB guiding the way. You Rock, Bro. YOU ROCK!
Greg Tombragel, June 2016


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What my client’s say …..

From Eugene C.  New York City

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If you’re looking for a supportive, enthusiastic coach to have in your corner who lives and breathes cycling, you’ve found him. Coach OB is always positive, detail-oriented and knowledgeable about any issue I’ve raised from workouts to equipment to the mental aspect of the sport.

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Leaky Bottles

Got tired of my bottles leaking with my Infinit mix in them.  So I used my old Garmin rubber mounts and made “O” rings.  Worked PERFECTLY!!!

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Improvised “O” rings

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23% Increase in LT!

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Greg Tombragel and I have been working together since November 2015 for this very week! On Tuesday, Greg go 21st in the USAC Masters 40-44 road race and today he go 12th is the 40-44 criterium. Since working with me, we increased his LT by 23% from December to May. He was BANG ON FORM for this week! Good job Greg!!!!!

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3 Weeks with Coach OB and already a win!

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Tracy, taking FIRST







Yes, Tracy had great fitness before he came to me for guidance.  But with only 3 weeks of solid structure, Tracy took his first win of 2017 on Tuesday night!

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Maryland Senior Games Gold Medalist!

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Congratulations to Jeanne Davis for riding to the GOLD MEDAL in the Maryland Senior Games 70+ TT!

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