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From Eugene C.  New York City

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If you’re looking for a supportive, enthusiastic coach to have in your corner who lives and breathes cycling, you’ve found him. Coach OB is always positive, detail-oriented and knowledgeable about any issue I’ve raised from workouts to equipment to the mental aspect of the sport.

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Leaky Bottles

Got tired of my bottles leaking with my Infinit mix in them.  So I used my old Garmin rubber mounts and made “O” rings.  Worked PERFECTLY!!!

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Improvised “O” rings

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23% Increase in LT!

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Greg Tombragel and I have been working together since November 2015 for this very week! On Tuesday, Greg go 21st in the USAC Masters 40-44 road race and today he go 12th is the 40-44 criterium. Since working with me, we increased his LT by 23% from December to May. He was BANG ON FORM for this week! Good job Greg!!!!!

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3 Weeks with Coach OB and already a win!

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Tracy, taking FIRST







Yes, Tracy had great fitness before he came to me for guidance.  But with only 3 weeks of solid structure, Tracy took his first win of 2017 on Tuesday night!

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Maryland Senior Games Gold Medalist!

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Congratulations to Jeanne Davis for riding to the GOLD MEDAL in the Maryland Senior Games 70+ TT!

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Greg motors to 2nd at Ft. Knox Masters 40+

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Greg Tombragel, 2nd place







Great teamwork on Saturday at Ft. Knox. Greg got in the winning move early in the race and stayed away. The Zipp guy took him in the final, but Greg rode well!


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Get Your Sprint On ….

The Four Phases of Sprint Training

Thursday, May 12, 2016 | By O’Brien Forbes

The Four Phases of Sprint Training

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You have done all the training necessary to get you to the final 200 meters of your race. Now it’s time to get your sprint on. Are you ready to deliver a 30 second all-out explosive effort that will get you to the line in first place?

Even an experienced sprinter should devote time to working on the sprint. Whether it is a city limit sign at the end of the club ride or a competitive end to a road race or a criterium, a finely tuned sprint is a valuable weapon in the arsenal! Training for sharp acceleration can also be of benefit in a race situation when there is a need to jump across a gap or accelerate out of a corner. Believe it or not, there is a method to sharpening sprinting skills.

Sprint training is broken down into four different phases; strength training, acceleration, fine tuning your form and group practice sprints. Working on each one of these building blocks individually provides the tools necessary to deliver a good sprint.

Strength Training

Simply put, being able to put out an extended threshold effort requires a great deal of strength, especially to launch the effort. The slow twitch muscles that are used in the initial part of your sprint need to be purposefully developed. One of the best ways to train for sprinting on the bike is to practice accelerating while in a big gear. On the bike, strength is built through the use of two key exercises; Hills Stomps and Stand Still Sprints.

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Preparing for the First Race of the Year

By O’Brien Forbes

Preparing For Your First Cycling Race of the Year

Thanks to my friend Chris Fischer for some of the ideas in this article.

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With a solid winter and early spring of training behind you, the first bike race of 2016 is quickly approaching. Be it your first race ever or the first race of the year for you, there is likely some anxiety to overcome. I have been racing for 30 years and I still get extra nervous for the first race of the new season.

Channeling your race day nerves could actually improve your performance. One way to help prevent undue stress on race day is to not leave the logistics to the last minute. Having your bike ready, your gear ready, and knowing what to do when you get there will allow you to focus on what you have been training for rather than unexpected events.

Your Bike

Make sure your bike is ready. This may sound obvious, but a frequent common mistake is showing up on race day with tires in poor condition or shifting issues. Spend time and effort beforehand to ensure your machine is good to go. It is that simple.

Race Bag

My race bag list is something I have been trying to perfect for some time. While it is well-stocked on race day, I am always making changes to it. Pack it the night before you leave.


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