The Basics of Group Ride Etiquette

June 29, 2016

By Coach OB Original article here. Group rides are not only social, but a great way train and compare yourself to others. No matter what ty... Read More

Leaky Bottles

May 31, 2016

Got tired of my bottles leaking with my Infinit mix in them.  So I used my old Garmin rubber mounts and made “O” rings.  Worked PERFECTLY!!! Improvised “O” rings ... Read More

Get Your Sprint On ....

May 16, 2016

The Four Phases of Sprint Training Thursday, May 12, 2016 | By O’Brien Forbes Click here for original article You have done all the ... Read More

Preparing for the First Race of the Year

April 25, 2016

By O’Brien Forbes Thanks to my friend Chris Fischer for some of the ideas in this article. Click here for full article With a solid... Read More

Weight Loss

December 30, 2015

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid Tuesday, December 29, 2015 | By Dr. Rick Kattouf During the holiday season, workout volume may be ... Read More

Make the most of your trainer

December 11, 2015

By Coach OB How to Optimize Your Indoor Training Plan Wednesday, December 9, 2015 | By O’Brien Forbes Some riders love it whil... Read More

Long Term Goal Planning

November 20, 2015

By Coach OB Click here for original article 2016 is almost here and it’s time to start picking your target races and thinking of how ... Read More

Off Season Strength Training

October 9, 2015

Good article here about off season strength training The Importance of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes By Taylor Thomas Click her... Read More

Ride across America completed!

October 9, 2015

Pictures from CD           A few weeks ago I posted about one of my riders by the name of C.D. Smith.  On Monday, ... Read More

Reflective Shoe Covers

September 15, 2015

Edge Hypertonic Shoe Covers           Just got these Hincapie Edge Hypertonic Shoe Covers. They are perfect for whe... Read More