Coach O'B's tricks

Leaky Bottles

May 31, 2016

Got tired of my bottles leaking with my Infinit mix in them.  So I used my old Garmin rubber mounts and made “O” rings.  Worked PERFECTLY!!! Improvised “O” rings ... Read More

Fresh Fast Legs - from Bicycling Magazine

August 5, 2011

This comes from Bicycling Magazine. The article talks about different leg recovery methods.  At the end of each one, I give my take on them... Read More

Know when to say WHEN!

August 1, 2011

The following is a piece I wrote for the Cincinnati Cycle Club newsletter.  You can access the site by clicking here.  Know When to Say WH... Read More

First Race Jitters

March 11, 2011

First Race Jitters Strength work done Structured trainer work done Base miles in  So I did all this and my FIRST RACE IS SATURDAY!  What d... Read More

Race Bage Checklist

March 11, 2011

Racing season is here!   Don’t get to the race and forget your shoes!  Coach OB Race Bag Check List. ... Read More

Hitting the gym in the off season

November 19, 2010

I am often asked if it is a benefit for a cyclist to spend time in the gym during the off-season to cross train.  My answer is a most defi... Read More

Coach OB Omelette

October 13, 2010

Coach OB Omelette – This is a great choice for breakfast on those days when you will not be exercising. Main Ingredients Main ing... Read More

Coach OB Tofu Patties

October 13, 2010

Coach OB Tofu Patties (Pictures coming) Start with a block or blocks of extra firm tofu.  I do 2 to 4 blocks at a time.  I have tried a fe... Read More

Keep them warm

September 6, 2010

2010 Team Quick Step checking out the roads for Paris-Roubaix You have to love the weather here in Cincinnati, well, the mid-west for that m... Read More