Nutrition for Cycling

Best Fat Burning Foods

June 20, 2018

13 of the Best Fat-Burning Foods You Can Eat to Tone Up and Feel Great By: Nicole Yi  Origonal Eating a healthy diet is fundamental to weig... Read More

Weight Loss

December 30, 2015

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid Tuesday, December 29, 2015 | By Dr. Rick Kattouf During the holiday season, workout volume may be ... Read More

Stay Hydrated

August 6, 2015

How to Stay Hydrated When Training and Racing in the Heat Tuesday, August 4, 2015 | By Richard Rollinson Origonal post at Training... Read More


February 2, 2011

GREAT article in Bicyling Magazine!  Makes me revise some of my thinking ……. Thanks Bill!!!! Published on Bicycling Magazine ... Read More

Coach OB Omelette

October 13, 2010

Coach OB Omelette – This is a great choice for breakfast on those days when you will not be exercising. Main Ingredients Main ing... Read More

Coach OB Tofu Patties

October 13, 2010

Coach OB Tofu Patties (Pictures coming) Start with a block or blocks of extra firm tofu.  I do 2 to 4 blocks at a time.  I have tried a fe... Read More

A little lemon

August 13, 2010

lemon water Another hot weekend in store….. Put a lemon wedge in your day water bottle. This will help your body retain crucial vitam... Read More

A little extra ...

July 30, 2010

When I have cereal or slow-cooked oatmeal in the mornings, I always add a scoop a protein powder. Good to get a little extra protein early in the day. ... Read More

Time to recover

July 26, 2010

This is a little late, but I wanted to share it.  Saturday Pete and I did 5 hours on rolling to hilly roads.  As soon as I hit the door I ... Read More

To coffee or not to coffee .......

July 26, 2010

Often asked if I drink coffee or not.  I do!  I have 1 cup in the morning and I will have 1 cup in the afternoon if I am training. You get... Read More