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Cincinnati Racing Weekend Podiums

Coach OB Ohio Cycling online coaching

Seth McDonald - 1st Hyde Park Cat 5

Coach OB Ohio Cycling online coaching

Chris Mathers - 1st Madeira, 3rd Hyde Park Cat 5

Coach OB Ohio Cycling online coaching

Edward Wimmer - 2nd Madeira, 4th Hyde Park Cat 4

Great weekend of racing here in Cincinnati at the Madeira Centennial Criterium and the Hyde Park Blast.  All the Coach OB clients that raced had strong showings.  Chris Mathers attended a Criterium Clinic I put on with Bio-Wheels (local shop sponsoring the Madeira race) the Sunday before the event.  Here is what he had to say, “After racing the OSRS and joining a local bike club I was talked into racing in the Maderia and Hyde Park criteriums. Needless to say I was more than a little intimidated by the sharp turns and high intensity. A couple people recommended Coach OB’s crit clinic the preceding weekend. Hands down the best two hours I’ve spent trying to improve my cycling skills. Coach OB understood exactly what we needed and built us up slowly in a non-threatening and non-competitive environment. After explaining a set of techniques to the group he’d have us take to the improvised course and provide individual instruction. Not only does he have an intimate understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to ride faster but he knows how to explain them in terms the rest of us understand. By the end everyone was noticeably quicker and more comfortable. I found the podium twice the following weekend, due in large part to Coach OB’s clinic. Highly recommended for new riders or anyone who wants to refine their skills.”

Seth “McAnimal” McDonald is very new to racing.  Seth has done a handful of races in 2011 and has already won two of them, Cat 5 Hyde Park Blast being the 2nd.  Seth and I had a plan for the race, which he stuck to and got the win!

This weekend was a HUGE goal for Edward Wimmer, mainly Hyde Park.  Edward completely exceeded expections by riding and excellent race at Madeira to finish 2nd.  Hyde Park was another smart ride by Edward staying in the top 5 riders the whole time and keeping his nose out of the wind finishing 4th.  All of his hard work over the winter and this spring paid off.