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Coach OB Tofu Patties

Coach OB Tofu Patties
(Pictures coming)

Start with a block or blocks of extra firm tofu.  I do 2 to 4 blocks at a time.  I have tried a few different brands and I am very partial to Trader Joe’s brand.

Prepare marinade:
Equal parts Soy sauce and Olive Oil.
BBQ sauce
Spicy mustard (normal mustard doesn’t taste as good)
Crushed garlic
Black pepper
Garlic salt
Red, pepper, cayenne pepper, etc. ALL TO TASTE
And anything else you want in there.
Mix it all up

Set oven to BROIL

Use a shallow baking pan covered in aluminum foil
Cut tofu into 3 equel flat patties.
Lay patties on pan
Put enough marinade on each pattie to cover them
Place in oven for 12 to 15 minutes
Flip patties and apply marinade to other side
Cook on side two for 11 to 15 minutes
Remove and let cool.

I put the patties in a large container and keep in refridgerator.  Freezing them doesn’t work too well.
I eat them individaully, put them on salads, over pasta or rice and best of all I make sandwiches with them!!!