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D-Motion Rollers

Roller Vid 01 < CLICK HERE

Okay – Raise your hand if you HATE riding the trainer?!?  Raise your hand if you get numb “down below” while doing so?!?  I just got hooked up with D-Motion Rollers!  I am actually looking forward to riding my rollers tomorrow morning!  I am able to get out of the saddle just as if I were on the road.  And they are easier to ride because the bike has fore and aft movement, not just side to side.   Dom (the “D” in D-Motion) took my rollers and fitted his D-Motion Rollers to them for a smokin price – much cheaper than buying the full gig of rollers with the factory motion device.  Want to make those long indoor rides a little easier?  Check out the video above if you haven’t already.  Coach OB will put you in touch with Dom.