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Dream Realized

For many years, ever since I starting cycling and racing, I’ve watched the Hyde Park Blast Pro 1/2 race and been in love. I’ve raced pretty much every category over the years- cat 5, cat 4, cat 3, Masters, etc. I’ve always watched the Pro 1/2 later the night after I raced and thought ‘some day…some day I’m going to man up and do that race and survive and finish it!’ Last year, I tried and failed…

Well, last night was “Some Day”…

With Coach OB’s help and guideance this year, last night was one of the finest and most proud moments of my cycling career. I’ve won a bunch of races, raced at nationals, etc. But finishing the Blast is something I’ve always wanted to do, partly because it is so hard. It is the pinnacle of bike racing within 100 miles of Cincinnati. I finished last night, 28th, just out of the money.

But finish I did, dream realized, would not have every made it without Coach OB guiding the way. You Rock, Bro. YOU ROCK!
Greg Tombragel, June 2016


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