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First Race Jitters

First Race JittersFirst bike race. Coach OB cycling Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana

Strength work done
Structured trainer work done
Base miles in 

So I did all this and my FIRST RACE IS SATURDAY!  What do I do????    I mean I am nervous …….. 

Well, hopefully you have checked off the above items so you are as “physically” prepared as possible.  You have trained to the best of your ability, there is nothing more you can do there.  Have confidence in that and believe in yourself! 

Now that you have your head screwed on straight, there are some simple guidelines to follow when attending your first race.  I believe in making sure all the little things are taken care of properly and without stress.  This makes accomplishing your over-all goal that much easier!  You have spent a lot of time, energy and money to get here.  Why waste all that with not being as prepared as you can be?

Here are some thoughts in being prepared:

  • Have your bike READY the night before!  Do NOT get to the race only to discover there is a mechanical issue!
  • Take in some extra hydration the day before your event. 
  • Eat a well balanced meal the night before.  This will make sure your tank to fueled for the race.
  • Make sure all your gear is ready to be packed the night before.  No last minute washing or “OH CRAP, WHERE DID I LEAVE MY HELMET???”
  • If you are not sure there will be an adequate place to warm up, bring your trainer.
  • When packing your bag it is always better to OVER PREPARE than under prepare.  Better to have it and NOT need it than need it and NOT HAVE IT!
  • Check out my “Race Bag Check List”.  Coach OB Race Bag Check List.
  • Eat a good breakfast.  You won’t help yourself at all by skipping that even if you have butterflies.
  • Continue snacking and drinking before you get there.
  • Plan on getting to the race 2 hours before your start.  This allows you plenty of time for that wrong turn, to wait in the registration line, unpack your bike and get your things ready without getting extra stress by being late.  If you need to do a course recon, bet there earlier.
  • You should be fully dressed in your kit and ready to warm up 1 hour before your start. 
  • Have a warm up plan.  This depends on the type of race, but you should have some sort of plan to follow.
  • If you need a “feeder” during the race, get that straight now.
  • Be at the start area, or within ear-shot, 10 minutes before your GO TIME.   DON’T MISS YOUR START! 

This will be a huge learning process for you.  You will make mistakes – learn from them – and DON’T make the mistake again!
Be as prepared as you can be!