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Keep them warm

From Coach OB. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cover your legs while cycling if it is 70 and cloudy or less.

2010 Team Quick Step checking out the roads for Paris-Roubaix

You have to love the weather here in Cincinnati, well, the mid-west for that matter.  One week it is 95+, the next it is in the mid 70’s.  What does this mean for us in our training?  It means we have to take extra steps to make sure our bodies adjust to the changes.  Your body needs time to acclimate to the cool fall weather. 

We have to start taking those extra steps to make sure our bodies, especailly our legs,  are staying warm.  Keeping our legs warm not only applies to the changing seasons, but also with the cooler tepmeratures in general.  When it comes to my legs, I have a standing rule I follow when I ride outside; “70 and sunny – 75 and cloudy – cover your knees!”  As a coach I share this with all of my cleints, especailly the younger ones.   You have to keep your knees and leg muscles warm.  Warm muscles are happy muscles!

Coaching a cyclist isn’t just telling them to do “this interval” or “that interval”.  It is about helping the athlete to become a better cyclist in general.  Part of good training is developing good habits ON and OFF the bike.  One of those good habits is keeping your legs warm even in moderate temperatures not waiting until it gets cold.  When you make sure all of the little things are taken care of in your training, the bigger things tend to fall into place a little more easily.

Eat Well! Sleep Well! Train SMART!!!