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Nationals wrap-up



Tuesday night and I think I am finally recovered from Nationals and PUR Tour!  Monday my whole body was tired.  Tuesday morning I felt it in my legs.  My 2.5 hour ride today helped to flush them out.  During the ride I felt pretty strong it, was my heart rate that was not going anywhere.  A sure sign of being TIRED still.  Tomorrow I should be ready to go again.

Now for the race wrap-up.  John Gatch and I rode a very smart tandem race.  Lesson learned from 2009.  In ’09, we did a little too much work during the race and paid with our legs in the end.  This year we had a different plan: to sit in more, let others do the work, follow when necessary, but to do NO EXTRA work.  We tried a move with 2 laps to go on the big hill but it went no where; that was Plan A.   Time to put Plan B into action; wait for the final.  That we did.  We knew if we got to the last turn FIRST (from there, 200 meters to the line) we would take it.  We knew we packed a good punch if we both stood up.  All the other tandems attacked a little too early on the final hill, we waited, then launched right before the final turn.  First out of turn, first to the line, National Champions!

The road race was the next day.  I had NO EXPECTATIONS –  I just wanted to finish.  100 riders ranging from the age of 40 to 44!  The biggest group of any age category. Luckily, I had a front row start.  From the gun, we were full gas.  I have no idea how many came un-hitched in the first 2 laps, but I am guessing about 40-50% were gone. I kept myself in the top 20 the whole time.  I sat in the wheels as much as possible only putting my nose in the wind on a few occasions.  It was soooo HARD!  I wanted to quit the race a dozen times!  Finally, with 3 laps to go I KNEW I could make it.  Kept the same tactic, stay in the top 10 now and do NO EXTRA WORK.  I think about 20 of us were together on the final hill to the finish.  Guys were still popping on the last lap.  I really tried to implement the same tactics from the tandem race – first, or maybe second, into turn.  Was NOT happening … Legs were gone.  Finished 10th.  VERY happy with that ride.

All the preperation and training paid off.  I had two great rides at Nationals.

Hats off to John Gatch!  Thanks John!!!!

BIG HUGE thanks to Neal Forbes for helping on Thursday and Cory St.Clair for helping on Friday.  Two good kids!

Now to get fired up for THREE races at the PUR Tour ……….