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Nice article on finding a good coach

By now you all know that Jen Harrison is coaching me for the next 6 weeks. She’s trying to help me break 60:00 in the TC 10 Mile. I once said “she’s trying to help me HIT 60:00,” and Jen quickly corrected me by saying “the goal is to break (smash) 60 min!” Ha! Of course, Jen! 😉

A recent commenter asked how I chose Jen as my coach, and that he’d love to hear about how to choose a coach. Well, Jen and I have been blogger buddies and FB buddies for a few years, and she coaches many people I know. I know her style, and I’ve been around people doing “Jen workouts.” I liked the way she pushed people – but she didn’t go overboard with the workouts and end up with a ton of injured athletes. And really, I chose Jen because Jen chose me – she’s cutting me a HUGE deal just to see if she can get me down under 60:00 for the TC 10 Mile.

So I don’t have much any “coach choosing” experience. But Jen said she had some pointers. The following is from Jen, and it’s her pointers on WHO might need a coach and HOW to find the right coach for you.

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