Exercises for the Aging

June 1, 2018

My riders range in age from 15 to 75.  The older we get, the more we have to pay attention to our bodies and how to take care of them!  He... Read More

Recently Upgraded

May 21, 2018

Gary Gardella I would like to congratulate two of my riders on their recent upgrades from Cat. 5 to Ct. 4.  Mike and Gary are both new to r... Read More

Ingo gets 3rd at Kriterium Holzhausen

May 11, 2018

Ingo Krah nailed 3rd place at the Kriterium Holzhausen, Germany on Thursday.  He raced in the Masters 2 – 41 to 50 category.  Soaki... Read More

New 30% OFF Hincapie Code

February 5, 2018

            Use “COACHFORBES18” and get 30% OFF anything from the Hincapie online store. http://www.hincapie.com   ... Read More

Mr. Eads, FASTEST 60+ at Cleves

January 29, 2018

Dale Eads took the FASTEST 60+ category at the Cleves TT for 2017! He worked HARD for this one!  Good job Dale! Dale, on right. Sean, on left is former client   ... Read More

How to Optimize Your Indoor Training Plan

January 25, 2018

BY Coach OB This was originally posted for Training Peaks Blog in December, 2015.  I thought I would re-post!   Click here for original.... Read More

Training with TSS vs. hrTSS: What’s the difference?

January 25, 2018

BY TAYLOR THOMAS Origianlly published in Training Peaks Blog.  Click here.   When athletes switch from heart rate-based training t... Read More

40% Increase in FTP

January 25, 2018

I started working with Enzo in October of 2016.  He came to me wanting to take his racing to the next level.  Enzo turned out to be a very... Read More

Organizing Stuff

January 22, 2018

Had a client ask me how I organize all my cycling clothing pieces. This is what I do.     Clothing Bins ... Read More

Brain Benefits of Exercise Diminish After Short Rest

January 14, 2017

Found this in the New York Times this morning. Good for us “older” folks ……. Original article, click here. By GRETCH... Read More