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Joe Rippe

“Coach OB has had a phenomenal impact on my cycling training and fitness in my one month+ since I have signed up to be a client. This is my first season back racing since 12 years ago and my personal life had taken a huge impact on my fitness level. I headed into winter training at 270 pounds and worked my way down to 260 by May 1 which is when I signed up with OB. OB came up with a structured plan and diet objective for me and in one month or so I am now at 243 and still trending downwards. I am confident by the end of the season that I will reach my goal racing weight of 210 or below and be ready to contend for podium spots next season. You must be motivated to stick with the plans that OB lays out for you. If you do you then you will be rewarded with the goals that you lay out with him. OB is very responsive and understanding as to your personal time commitments and can lay out the perfect plan that works with your schedule. It is also not uncommon for him to be following up with you if you do not keep in constant communication with him during your training which I have appreciated greatly. I highly recommend his services!”