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Welcoming Sports Nutrition 2 Go!

Coach OB Online Cycling Coach Update:

Coach OB, Online Cycling Coach, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio





In an effort to give more support to both  local clients and online cycling coached clients, Coach OB is happy to welcome Sports Nutrition 2 Go (click here) to the Coach OB family of services.  Nutrition plays a vital role in the sport of cycling and while we all know a little something about diet and nutrition, none of us are experts.  That’s where Dawn Weahterwax at SN2G comes in; she IS an expert!  The services offered by SN2G include: nutrition and hydration analysis, improved recovery methods via nutrition, supplements, pre and post training/racing meal plans and general meal guidance. 

All Coach OB clients receive a 10% discount* on almost all of the SN2G services.  And while the company is based in West Chester, most of the services offered have the ability to be carried out online and therefore available those cyclists coached online.
The discount applies to all Coach OB clients, but I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about SN2G.
(* – 10% OFF first time service)

Eat Well!