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Race your strengths. Train your weakness.

I had a great conversation with a client the other night.  He said, “O’B, I know I can hold awesome wattage in a 10 mile TT.  My average wattage from the PUR Tour was 80-90 watts lower than my TT average.  Why can’t I do the same in a race?”  GREAT question! 

Obviously a TT is a little different than a crit or road race.  In a TT, you are full-on the whole time with very little, if any, coasting.  In a race, you can sit in the wheels, coast, etc.  Depending on the race and how it plays out, your numbers CAN be lower.

My client wanted to know how to apply his TT strength to this race.  Well, he needs to do exactly that, apply those TT skills and strong numbers to the race at the correct time.  30 minute  race, wait until 10 or 15 minutes to go and then attack.  Yep, you could be caught by the group.  But at least you are playing the good cards that you know you have at the right time.  Part of racing is doing the right thing at the right time.  It’s a gamble, true, but at least you are playing!

So, we know what areas he needs to improve.  These are some of the things we cover in training.  As all these different parts come together over time he starts to become a well rounded racer.

Race your strengths.  Train your weakness.

Eat Well! – Sleep Well! – Train SMART!